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Alpha Centauri

~ spirit ~ energy ~ light ~

embody your spirit. download your codes. beam your light.

The Light Code Activation helps us to connect more consciously to our original light body and remember —or get a palpable sense of— the energy of our pure spirit. Your spirit is your specific and unique light ray. It is dispersed through all dimensions and realities. It cannot be touched, harmed or dimmed and therefore remains the same through all lifetimes. To become an authentic expression of your energy, it is helpful to have a clear reference point of our spirit and a conscious connection to it.


In the Quero Traditions it is called the Chun’chu, the part of our soul that cannot be harmed, the unconquerable soul. Quero Medicine Women and mothers weave this symbol into the receiving blankets of their children along with the star formations they are dreaming about whilst they are pregnant.


To connect their children more deeply to their pure spirit, parents do not cut or comb their children's hair for the first three years of their lives. Children are left to play and be as they please during that time as much as possible. Children also are not given a name until the spirit reveals it to the parents or to their community. Therefore, these children have a clear reference point of their spirit, and it is their spirit that guides the body and the mind through the initial years of their lives in which they get to know the Earth as their true mother in this life and how to connect with it through their physical senses.

The connection to their spirit is so stable and strong that these children —when asked to draw a picture— they draw from above: roofs of houses from above, tops of trees as if hovering over them, as if they are flying like eagles, soaring in the sky, never having lost the sight of their spirit, their true reference point in life. And yet, they are incredibly grounded on the earth and in life.


The light codes come in waves, whenever a new epoch is about to begin in humanity. It is an evolutionary code that awakens more of our codons pairs on our DNA strand at certain points in planetary cycles. This, in turn, activates more of our innate human potential. This potential can then be given expression to in life, or, come alive and be lived consciously.

The Codes stream down for all souls: stones, plants, animals and humans. If we work with the codes humbly, cleanly and consciously we can utilize our inherent potential for the purpose of contributing to harmony, health, balance and peace for all living beings on earth. We can preserve and enhance the diversity of our earthly physical life forms.


The Light Code Activations are offered free of charge, as a gift from the Great Spirt, the Archangels and the Angels who oversee life and the wellbeing of the Earth as well as that of humanity, respectively.


However, if you are interested in receiving support as you go through the series of activation sessions, or if you want to go deeper and receive more guidance around tending to these codes of your spirit with love, or integrate them into your life healthily and appropriately over time, that is what this Light Code Activation Offering is about.

The central questions for this Activation include:

1. What is the light of my spirit?

2. What is the quality of my light?

2. How do I sense of my spirit?

3. How does my spirit communicate with me?

4. How do I know it is my spirit I am sensing?

The essential components of the Activation include:

1. Seven core activation sessions

2. Three Spaces of Light for deepening

3. Body-Mind integration support, as needed

4. Daily practices


The intention for individuals being activated is:

Self Empowerment

Self Healing

Enhanced Resilience

Additional Gifts offered to individuals being activated are:

Sacred Space Creation

Chakra Journey

3 Spaces for Deepening

What to do after the Activation:

Embody your spirit. Deepen your codes. Beam your light.

Post-Training Suggestions:

Consider the Path of Power Journey.

Learn Shamanic Journeying online.

Book regular Soul Coaching sessions.

9 months
60 minute sessions
bi-weekly meetings

Despacho Bundle

A  Personal Story

"Male and female used to always be activated in pairs, for balance to remain on earth —unless, of course, you have both genders in one body, or none. Those souls are considered whole or pure. They can be activated by themselves and share the codes with humankind or nature, respectively."

I was sitting in my kitchen on the Eve of Halloween 2019 when I suddenly noticed something shifting in the Field —or conscious space- around me. I have been working with energies for a long time by now, so I knew this was something different. For a moment, I felt like Yoda in the Star Wars movies, saying „There has been a disturbance in the Force.“ Only, it wasn’t a disturbance. It was a lifting of a Veil.


The Space of Grace, Love and Light that we are all swimming in and that all living beings on earth are part of, was revealed to normal human consciousness, at least those, who could perceive it. Others were in fear. In hindsight, I realized the pandemic hit around the same time in China.

Over the next weeks and months I worked with the codes daily. Tools and techniques that I used to need to move beyond the veil and levels of consciousness and between the veils and worlds, respectively, were no longer needed. I could See it all from my current vantage point, from normal everyday awareness:


Spirits on „the other side“, different dimensions, guardian angels, helpers, spirit animals, ancestors, aspects we used to only perceive when in a meditative state or deep in ceremony.


I knew something had fundamentally shifted in our planetary position with respect to the Central Sun and that all beings on earth can now access more directly the wisdom that their soul needs for their life at any given point in time.


It was this time that all indigenous tribes spoke of: The time of the Coming of the Light, the time where even the Medicine Women and Men did not know what the new human would look like.


I didn’t quite know what to do with this „Happening“ other than to work with it more deeply, to give thanks, and allow the light code information to stream through my energy body, nervous system, spine, senses, continue to expand my consciousness, and eventually settle in my body, making new cells and growing a new body through the regular 6-9 month cellular turnover period/process/cycle.


My intention was to utilize the Light Code Activation as a way to more deeply and more humbly and more responsibly offer my gifts to those I serve, and to purify and recalibrate my life, my thoughts, my actions even more to that of my pure spirit ray of light.


Then, after about 5 months of working with the Codes, in March 2020, I received a phone call from a colleague of mine in Greece who was perceiving the same Opening, only in his own way.


He told me about what he was perceiving … "bodiless awareness just walking on the street without any need for ceremony or meditation". He is a Chanupa (Peace Pipe) Carrier and walks the Red Path while I am a Mesa (Mountain Wisdom) Carrier walking the path of the Soul.


I knew then that the Condor and Eagle had met and are flying together now, as the Medicine Women and Men have talked about that it would happen during our life time. I knew we were supposed to be initiated together.


I also knew it had happened: the Space of Grace, a direct connection with no need for any intermediary (guide, guru, teacher, priest or otherwise) is now available for human kind. Christ Consciousness. For all.


Omprakash and I were also aware that many people may not know what to do or how to deal with that total freedom of the mind, and the purification process that would happen as a result of the Light Code Activation. Many would not go through this process consciously, or had any reference point for what was happening, They would be caught in fear of survival, because when the mind has to let go of the old ways of thinking and being (competition, scarcity, anger, fear, greed, separation) and is opening to the new consciousness (cooperation, natural abundance of nature, benevolence, trust in the wisdom of the soul, joyful sharing, community), it often creates this illusion of dying or the fear of death.


We knew that some individuals may need help integrating the light codes so the mass consciousness „Mind“ would not hijack the information and create something even more destructive based on an old mindset, beliefs or worldview.


The current mass consciousness mind has a way of putting a hammer to a seed. Because it knows that the seed contains the tree, it wants to hammer it out, thereby destroying it in the process of hammering, rather than waiting for organic growth to happen and knowing how to feed, nurture and nourish the seed until it is time to be revealed, grow and bloom.


To allow the spirit to lead, and have the patience until the codes reveal the information over time —like a seed, growing a new beautiful tree— for each soul uniquely is the work of the soul.


Therefore, we were guided to share these codes with a group of 25 individuals from all over the world during live group calls during the Corona Pandemic Lockdown from March 29, 2020 through May 28, 2020. We ended up guided them on a 8-month journey of deepening in totality, just a month short of the timeframe needed in which a new body is grown.

As we were moving through the process, we also got the sense that there will be waves of people who will become more conscious over the next years, as the human family evolves from homo sapiens to homo luminous. This is a 200-300 year process, so not everyone living now will be activated with the new codes in this lifetime. However, because these codes will be „valid“ and relevant for humankind for a long time —in human time, long after our lifetime— we were guided to recorded the initial 7 Activations and to make them available online.


You can find these recordings with detailed instructions here. These exist in English only.

If you'd like support with the Light Code Activation, or if you have gone through the Activation and realize that some support is helpful for you now, let's begin...

"When each soul is supported, encouraged and strengthened in being who they truly are, in their love and truth, in their own natural, organic and healthy way, we will know joy, beauty, harmony on earth."

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