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empower your soul. deepen your awareness. choose integrity.

Soul happens when quantum energy (some call this our pure spirit) enters physical matter (earth, a body, etc.). It then gives rise to an energy field —a measurable electromagnetic field— that organizes physical matter into space, over time. We perceive this organized physical matter as a stone, a plant, an animal or a human body (although forests, mountains, groups and organizations also have soul).

Soul Space mediates between pure energy (spirit) and physical matter (body). It gives rise to consciousness (feelings, thoughts, senses), and it is naturally geared toward learning, healing and growth. It takes awareness and daily tending to consciously and intentionally mediate our soul space in a balanced and grounded way, not giving too much power to either mind or body, but to rest into the mediating force (energy, spirit) in between.


Soul Space awareness acts like a loving friend, seeing and sensing everything, and guiding us toward what is healthy and healed, what comes from our love and truth inside, and what brings us joy, as well as what keeps us balance and grounded. Soul Space orients toward keeping harmony in ourselves alive.


Soul Space Deepening is therefore an organic process in which we become more aware of our soul space and develop a trusting relationship with our spirit as the mediator between mind and body.


Soul Space Deepening is about living in integrity.


Soul Space Deepening ensures that:


1. the mind continuous to expand its awareness and learn, and that our intentions remain timeless, eternal and as beneficial for ourselves as they are for other living beings;


2. our actions and words are steadily coming from love and truth inside and are geared toward joy, harmony, beauty and peace for all involved; and


3. our senses and feelings are showing us what needs to be nurtured, healed or transformed.


In this way, soul enhances life for all living forms.


In this Deepening process, my role is to assist each soul to be who they really are in their natural, healthy and healed state while expressing their love and truth in harmonious, joyful and peaceful ways... and where that's not possible, to remain at least graceful. My role is also to allow each soul to do this in their unique way.

In order to assist each soul, therefore, I not only have to have gone through my own deep inner healing, transformation and growth, I also need to tend to it on a daily basis and express it in my life. In order to help another soul move through this process hygienically and effectively, I also need a balanced set of tools and techniques for the mind, for the body, and for the spirit that can address things that may be out of balance. Furthermore, I need to have gone through enough relevant life experiences in different cultures, environments, societies and roles so I can assist any given soul with navigating their soul through different times and spaces.

Since soul growth is an organic and cyclical process, we follow each soul along a 9-month timeframe.


The central questions for this Deepening include:

1. What is my souls space?

2. What is present within my soul space today?

3. Is there anything in my soul space that is not mine?

4. Is there anything in my soul space that needs healing or transformation?

5. Is there anything in my soul space that I need to nurture more?


The essential components of this Deepening include:


Soul Space Awareness

Soul Space Practice

Daily Practice, Reflection & Journaling

Answering Questions

The intention for Soul Space Deepening is to:

Become aware of your soul space.

Learn ways to purify your soul space.

Customizing your soul space practice.

Enhancing your navigation in your life.

Additional Gifts offered:

Sacred Space Creation

Healing Touch Practice

Book recommendations


What to do after the Deepening:

empower your soul. deepen your awareness. choose integrity.

Post-Deepening Suggestions:

Begin the Luminous Warrior Training

Take the Path of Power Journey

Activate your Light Codes

Please Note:

Some individuals may need to tend to healing (Luminous Warrior Training), transformation (Path of Power Journey) or gain a reference point for their pure energy (Light Code Activation) before they are able to effectively work with Soul Space Deepening.

9 months
30-minute sessions
weekly meetings


A  Personal Story

"Only you can truly see inside your soul.

You are the only true magician of your soul."


Even though I had already built a self defense and healing center in Washington DC, and despite the fact that I had already left a six-figure income as a consultant before, and even thought I had been a crisis counselor, which was extremely meaningful and helpful work, I knew it was time to yet again move on, to keep learning, healing and growing.


Therefore, in 2015, I decided to leave the city and go deeper into my soul.


I was guided to where the Shenandoah Forest meets the Blue Ridge Mountains and rented a small house on an 200-acre private farm that was largely uninhabited. During my time alone in the Forest-Mountain, I wanted to get to the bottom of exactly what it is that is behind my actions.


What would I do if I did not get anything for it from the outside? No recognition, no payment, not even a "thank you". What if nobody notices me at all or knows that I am there? What would I do if I did not get anything? For two years I practiced to act only when my soul led me to do so out of love, truth or joy and I had no expectation, hope or idea what would happen then.


Do I live when nobody sees it? Am I happy? Can I be alone? Is my soul space really sufficient to give meaning to my life? Do I feel the love that surrounds me and flows through me? If I only follow the voice of my soul, do I survive? Do I know when to eat or how to heal when I am sick? What if I become homeless?


I have navigated deeply through these thoughts and feelings. I learned to perceive them and not to avoide or be guided by them. I developed discipline to be guided only by the love and inner truth of my soul, with the intention of being myself in my healthy, natural state and contributing to joy, health and harmony in the world. That is how I came to the conclusion that behind most actions and words of human beings is the desire to feel something or some thing.


I wanted to go deeper. And I did. I left Dulaney Mountain to look for my own home. For a year, I travelled through the US, thinking I would settle in California, then arriving in Germany through the guidance of my soul, only to move on to the Mani in Greece, or Hellas as it is more accurately called. There, with no contact other than a weekly visit to a bodyworker and to a local organic store, I kept going deeper inside my soul. Looking at the mountains, the Ionic Sea, the sunsets and sunrises, I sat with Nature inside my soul space each moment, each day, choosing to follow only my love and truth inside.


After another year I realized that if you cultivate the love within your soul so strongly and truly calibrate yourself to —and authentically vibrate— this life giving energy (we are made of it after all), and if you know the voice of your own soul so well that you can distinguish it from other voices (including the other benevolent ones), then you can walk your soul's path gracefully, beautifully and meaningfully. Even if you end up homeless, have to sleep in your car or have no food on the table and have to fast, you are there with your love and from your truth inside, learning, healing and growing while giving expression to your pure soul.


That was the moment when I changed my definition of success also, because navigating purely from your own heart and soul fulfills you immensely. You can't see it from the outside, but you feel it clearly: you are full of joy, full of love, full of wisdom, and you realize what you really want to do and offer to the world, because these are exactly the gifts and abilities that you have, the ones that bring you joy, and the ones that your soul came here to share with others in order to create joy, harmony, beauty and peace on earth. But you do it without expectation. Without needing approval or admirers or for the money or relationships. Even if hardly anyone understands or likes it. Even if no one sees it or is even aware of it. If it comes from your pure, loving, truthful soul, you offer it to the world with joy.



Of course, this way of navigating also requires courage, strength, and the willingness to let go of everything: of possessions, friendships, relationships, ideas, expectations, image, desires, etc. so that your life can be filled with what is truly meant for your soul’s healing and growth.


For many, the path I have taken is too difficult and I would not recommend it to most. If you don't guide others, I am not sure you have to. I sense that it is enough to become aware of what is behind what you do, say and what you desire. Get to the bottom of words and deeds so that you stop wanting to control, change, manipulate or influence yourself, things, people or situations and instead learn to cultivate the feeling you want to feel (love, peace, joy etc.) inside, in a healthy and grounded way, and follow the voice of your own soul instead of following the voice of others or chasing the feelings you’d like to feel.


Each soul is here to bring something specific into the world, out of love and one's own inner truth, and we need these gifts and abilities as well as the love, truth and joy of each soul to meet the challenges we currently face in the world. I am here now to guide others into the space and power of their own soul.

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