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"Please remember and respect that testimonials are personal experiences and reflections about my work or character; they cannot ~and will not~ predict or indicate the experience(s) you will or may have. Thank you." ~Sara

Sara is one of the best in the industry.

— Dr. Talib M. Shareef

Imam, The Nation’s Mosque


Sara Salam is a highly intuitive, energetic guide who both exudes insight and leads with compassion. She will help you heal your past, while unlocking your potential. Sara has a unique set of soft and hard skills that enable her to seamlessly integrate mind-body including Shamanic healing methods that will add a palpable level of intrinsic awareness to any existing training. The experience of working with Sara is as transformative as it is affirming.


— Frank Smyth

Executive Director, Global Journalist Security


Thanks so much for your support and sharing your wisdom during the training. … I’ve done a lot of work in sexual assault prevention and trauma psychology, and I think you’re one of the best instructors I’ve seen or worked with.

— Minal Bopaiah

Author, Strategic Consultant

Founder of Brevity & Wit 

I have been fortunate enough to work with Sara in Krav Maga and Fit to Fight and have found her to be extremely motivated and dedicated to her craft and to improving the lives of others. I would highly recommend training with Sara, if you are afforded the opportunity.


— Ryan Hoover

Krav Maga Black Belt

Co-founder of Fit to Fight Republic


Sara is an outstanding instructor…I have seen students come out of her Luminous Warrior program more secure and confident in their abilities to face their fears in any and all aspects of their lives…Sara’s program works.

— Chris Torres

Krav Maga Blackbelt

Owner of N-Flux

Offering the Shamanic Self Defense class to our clients went beyond our expectations. The class not only addressed the physical needs of the women and provided them with practical self defenses, but gave them an opportunity to tap into their inner strength, their spirit and the warrior within.

— Santa Molina Marshall

Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified SEP, LICSW

former Director of Counseling and Advocacy at the DC Rape Crisis Center

Sara led a workshop on Compassion Fatigue at my organization which transformed me and many of my colleagues. It changed the way I think about how my brain responds to traumatic circumstances and how I can take responsibility for my own healing and self-protection. Ultimately, I began to participate in Sara’s meditation circles. She has the ability to guide people through the most magical and unexpected guided meditations that never fail to introduce me to insights and new ways to view myself and the world around me. I bought a new home and once again, Sara came and helped my family conduct a cleansing and blessing ceremony I cherish even now.


— Mary-Ann F.

Lifelong Activist

Sara has guided me through an illumination and counseled me on creating my own sand paintings. While I have always been open to alternative healing practices, I had never experienced the release of my energy before. I was and am so impressed by Sara’s gift and felt very comfortable and safe in our space. I look forward to many more sessions and encourage everyone to release their energy! Opening blockage can have very interesting effects; I no longer bite my nails!


— Liz O., Program Manager

DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Sara is a gifted coach to work with. An intuitive listener, she uses her gifts to help guide you to the right decision or place in your life. Working with her has been transformational. Highly recommend!

— Dr. Dulce Benavides

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a licensed massage therapist I am very aware of the body’s own ability to heal. Some people are able to harness much of that healing through their choices of nutrition and sleep habits, others pursue their own self awareness and healing through meditation or yoga.  Sara offers an additional route to awareness and healing that promotes the body’s own ability to heal. Her methods integrate the cognitive understanding of the human spirit with a practiced approach to the energy needs of our bodies.

I have known Sara over 15 years and can vouch for her professionalism in all her ventures. She is a woman of integrity and compassion… I have had the privilege of knowing Sara during her process of becoming a healer, and have been lucky to have experienced an energy healing session with her. Sara’s compassion is present in everything she does. I left the session remarkably relaxed. In the subsequent weeks after that single session, I had a renewed sense of self awareness that I can only describe as a feeling of tranquil satisfaction.


— Barry K.

Licensed Massage Therapist


I went to Sara a year after being diagnosed with PTSD. I’d been brutally attacked, and relived the trauma of that event through panic attacks and night terrors. Of course, I sought therapy and took prescription medicine, and while all of that was helpful, I could never fully recover from the PTSD. It felt like at any moment that crouching tiger could pounce, no matter how much time and space I put between myself and the attack.

After a healing with Sara, I was suddenly and fully transformed. When a panic attack started – in a crowded place, an enclosed space, in the middle of the night – whatever the trigger or the situation, I felt I now had a choice. I could go down the panic path, or I could reason with myself, remind myself I was safe, and catch my breath. I no longer had to walk through life, constantly steeling myself to feel completely out of control.

Sara comes with the highest recommendation. Her healings, mentorships, organizational trainings, and circles have been hugely helpful for me over more than the last decade.


— Shauna Dillavou
Founding Principal, Security Positive

I came to Sara because I was in despair about the state of my career, or lack thereof.  Through a luminous body testing process, Sara found that this issue was linked to an imbalance in several of my chakras.  What I experienced next is difficult to describe in words, but at the end of the session I had nearly forgotten my anxiety over my career.  I found myself jumping into a job search with renewed enthusiasm, and I’ve not looked back since.

One session with Sara was better than a whole year of talk therapy and psychiatric medication.  After just one Shamanic Energy Healing session, I had let go of anxiety related to the specific issue I came in with.  Moreover, I found that I was naturally able to take setbacks in stride.  After learning how to practice energetic cord cutting, I am not bothered by some issues that used to get to me, and I am better able to get over triggers that used to send me into a tailspin.  Thank you, Sara!

I then returned to Sara seeking my Life Purpose. What I found is a deeper connection to my ancestors, the Earth, and my intuition.  Through aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and extractions, Sara has helped me overcome chronic blocks. With my altar to my ancestors, I connect to a power greater than myself, and I feel that I am on the road toward a life worth living.


— Miriam B.

Office Manager

Sara is very gifted in bringing together the mystical with the intellectual and physical, and uses her exceptional teaching skills to guide her students along their path in life. I am very grateful to have worked with Sara and have gained many wonderful gifts through her strong, courageous, and positive spirit.

— Angeles V.

Specialist in International Trade and Finance

For over a decade, Sara has guided me with steadiness and an embodied wisdom that have continued to give me the confidence understanding to trust my own growth and healing process.

There’s so much I could say about Sara’s deeply reassuring wisdom, solid presence and gift for sharing profound teachings in simple ways. I’m most grateful that Sara has shown me what an embodied spirit guide looks like and feels like.

Thank you, Sara, for showing me how to stay rooted and perhaps to live in such a way that my own life becomes an example of how not give oneself away to depletion, incompletion, striving, energetic bankruptcy, fear and stagnation.


— Andrea Browning

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher
& K-12 Education Consultant

One of Sara’s many gifts is her ability to see the soul with clarity, compassion and wisdom and to meet each one of us exactly where we are. Another is the way she draws from vast and timeless wisdom to heal, empower and give each soul she works with clear and practical tools for the journey. Her healing is powerful and her work is profound in its simplicity and connection with the essence of our being.

I experience Sara’s guidance as transcending spiritual traditions by bringing – simply and beautifully – the wisdom and love our soul needs and is ready for in the moment. The way she embodies integrity in every aspect of her own life can be felt so clearly in her work – it allows those with whom she works to trust completely that they are held in divine and safe space.

Working with Sara has been transformational, both personally and professionally, and has helped me to offer my own gifts in a way that continues to evolve and expand.

Sara’s presence on the earth is a true gift, not only for those individuals and organizations who work with her, but for our planet and collective evolution at this time. She is a wonderful and wise guide for our sacred journey.


— Abigale Robinson

Former U.S. Army Officer
Founder of Frameworks International Consulting
Expert in Conflict Prevention & Peace Negotiations

Like hawks who travel the sky with their expansive vision, focus and pure intent, Sara (aka Sarah Hawk) dances with light. She communes naturally with sun, stars, saints and the unseen in service to the soul of humanity and the planet.


In the decade I have known and worked with Sara, both as her student, client and in collaboration supporting leaders and organizations, I have always been struck by her ability to walk steadfastly in truth and integrity on a path of light.

A lightning rod of love, she never projects her personal experience but instead shares wisdom in a generous and gentle, compassionate way, always focused on the highest good of all and leading others to their own knowing.

Highly disciplined and expertly trained in a variety of Earth healing traditions and restorative modalities, she works with individuals and groups, aligning the power of love and light for the multi-generational healing of the collective.

Multicultural, multilingual, university-trained, and with a rich array of experiences in Boardrooms, martial arts, entrepreneurial ventures, shamanism, and world travel, and a razor-sharp intellect, Sara moves seamlessly between cultures and peoples with her highly relatable, calming presence.

A light bearer, seer and beacon, Sara is a safe space for the world. She can transmute suffering, working with the alchemy of light and darkness, opening hearts, elevating consciousness, and calling forth new beginnings and joy-filled potential. Sara saves lives.

She provides clarity around prayers and dreams. She is a child of wonder, a healer for all sentient beings, who can activate energies beyond time and space, beyond limiting beliefs, wherever hope recedes and love beckons.

Sara is a guide, teacher, healer and friend. She will care for you deeply and trust your inner wisdom, while holding space for you to do the same.

— Ellen Yui
Founder Of YUI+CompanyInc.
Helping leaders to speak their truths since 1991

Sara is an authentic, beautiful expression of sweet emptiness and sparkling fullness.

There is a very ancient wisdom energy that she has embraced, integrated and now embodies. It isn’t an energy that takes a human form, as many of these wisdom energies do, it is somehow “older” than that. It is the “Mountains” themselves. They are she and she is Them. There is a merging and an emerging between her and Them.

There is a solidity and a protection that Sara is here in this lifetime to ground in human form. The Mountains have called and she has listened and responded to their melodious resonance. She and They are One. She “re-members” them for us. She helps us to get to “know” Them again. She gives them a voice and a human face. … The time is now and their seer is Sara.

If you personally want to go deeper and rise higher, let Sara guide you on your Way. She will help you plummet to the depths of your Mountain being-ness and then teach you to fly far and wide spreading your wings so you can shower your joy, passion and wisdom on the world.

Sara is an excellent, empathetic guide and coach. She works on many levels and comes up with insights and support that only she can offer. She works from the inside out and her depth, sincerity, integrity, heart and compassion always shine through. I highly recommend her. She is a treasure.

— Yanni Maniates
Consciousness Pioneer, Guide to “The Embrace“
Owner of Inside Out Journeys

I am able to perceive through the Eyes of Spirit and communicate directly with stones, crystals, and plants for their healing wisdom. They reveal to me the true essence of the beings I encounter.  When Sara came to me for a Session, they showed me a spirit full of purity, love, and devotion to the service of Light for the higher good of all. Sara is a spirit worthy of being trusted.

— Omprakash
Founder of Diamond Age Essences

Sara has an incredible ability to see the Whole with clarity and wisdom. She always manages to pull out the most precious stones from whatever pile of rubble I bring to her at any given moment. Her Presence is deep and grounded, and yet it is always free of attachment. Her offerings are lovingly given without expectation, and there is Power and Truth in every one of them. Sara is one of those rare people who live in complete Integrity. Her offerings are lovingly given without expectation, and there is Power and Truth in every one of them. I trust her unequivocally and am deeply grateful for her presence in my life.

— Marie-Therese Maurice

Founder of 1 Minute 4 Earth
Mother, Wife, Serial Tree Hugger

I am forever grateful to Sara for helping me heal, taking me under her wing, and showing me how to fly. Limitless comes to mind. To me, Sara is more than a human… I don’t know how to put it into words. Sara is a spiritual being.

— Natasha Smishko

IT Professional turned Homesteader
Single Mother, World Traveler

Sara is one of the most powerful, down to earth, loving and kind teachers one can ask to work with. She is intuitive, strong and funny with a real ability to zone into the most essential parts of what needs to be addressed to get to the root of what needs shifting. I have come back to some of my work with her over and over again realizing that it keeps unfolding into new understandings based on my awareness. If you’re ready to make a change and you want a deep lasting impact, she’s the right person for you!

— Tarja Sovay

Founder of Anchoring Visionaries
Wise Woman Herbalist & Devoted Mother

Sara took a jumble of spiritual fragments that I had been collecting for many years and helped me to awaken more of my intuitive, higher self. I experienced a remembering with Sara and a weaving together of all my wisdom to create a cohesive spiritual path designed specifically for me. Over a year and a half later, my work with Sara still resonates and shows up to remind me to “keep going.” Working with Sara is incredible!

— Laurie Blair

Grief & Loss Therapist

Sara guides you to your higher self’s voice, your inner compass, your inner GPS navigation system. It’s there; however, not many people are tuned into its wisdom. It’s dormant for many and Sara leads you deep, deep within to cultivate a relationship with it to spark it to life. Initially, what I thought was my voice, my narrative, was actually the voices of others. This wasn’t an immediate realization, rather a gradual one. 


Sara is equipped with a variety of tools and life experiences and can speak different ‘languages’ to match your understanding so you can discover pieces of yourself, skills, or gifts that you either knew you had or never knew at all. One of her gifts is to see the potential in everyone. She can pinpoint what is uniquely yours and hone it on that thread.

— Holly Arines

Mother, Massage Therapist
Executive Assistant

Sara has helped me so much since I met her in 2011! I’m able to see and feel magic every day from our sessions. Without the tools she’s taught me, I wouldn’t have been able to peel the layers of information to get to the core. Sara’s impactful energies balance the yin and yang and guide the hidden to the foreground for healing and transformation. The tools she shared with me give light in all aspect of my life and I’ll always be grateful for all the support she has given me. Sara is concise, compassionate and true. I’m so grateful for you, Sara!!! For supporting me and letting me see, feel, be magic in my life.

— Katrina Paz

Single Mother
Martial Artist, Survivor

Sara has been such a blessing to me. I first met her in 2012 when I was seeking a change in my life. I attended classes and several of her weekend workshops. I also had the gift of having lunch with her. In each of our meetings, I’ve taken something away that I use in my daily life —a new thought pattern, compassion, courage or confidence.

— Beth Newman

Statistician, Hiker, Biker, Runner

Sara is the calm in the midst of a storm.

— Long-Term Colleague, Towers Perrin

 Sara is my Yodah and I am her Obewan.

— Kiki Bleu

Writer & Finance Executive

Sara is a person who brings a lot into the world, invests a lot of her energy without being noticed. She is someone who feels the pain of the living beings in this world and tries to bring them back into balance. It is so rare to find people who perceive on her level. They are like a lucky find, a diamond in the gravel.

It gives me hope to see that there are people like Sara and that I can have a very few of those in my life. That’s why I’m happy to help her, to support her valuable work. It is an opportunity to be part of something good. Sara is one of the people who prove that someone up there is listening.

— Maria Edelmann

Mother, wife

I am so glad and happy that I met Sara. No psychologist or doctor has ever achieved what she did in just one conversation. I feel so good after just one conversation. Sara does amazing work, and I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart!

— Steffi Schich

Owner, Horse Therapy Riding School

I recently did the Family and Relationships Path of Power workshop. Coming in (with a loved one, no less) I was nervous. Who wants to face up to family/relationship issues?! Turns out that, while intense, it was like sitting with a group of your closest, most accepting friends and feeling safe to express your emotions or just absorb what’s going on.

Afterwards, the next week brought some very surreal experiences including family and close friends calling out of the blue and speaking about things we never had the courage to before. I can definitely say the experience has brought illumination and positive change to relationships in my life. Thank you Sara!

— Karita B.


Sara has a deep insight into people; I recommend her coaching to anyone!

— Justin Bancroft

Owner, Compucroft

The best coaching ever!!! Sara is an amazing human being with special talents and gifts. Wonderful as a shaman!! I always appreciate her kindness and presence. She is very spiritual and pure hearted.

— Valeria Cecchino

Owner, Healing Hands

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