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"My intention is to bring a healthy, balanced, grounded, hygenic, safe, as well as a personally relevant, alive, embodied, experience-based and integrated approach to each human soul."

Sara in the GTA



In the most simple way, we can access the soul in four major ways. Which one you choose depends on the disposition as well as the maturity of your soul:


1. Body/Nature/Actions:

The body's job is to stay healthy, and relaxed, while communicating to you when something is out of balance, needs healing, or your attention. Whether this is your own body or the health of the ecosystem you live in --or that of our earth as a whole-- does not matter. They are reflections of one another. If you access your life primarily through the body, nature or earth, and you want to keep moving healthily forward, the Luminous Warrior Training may be of interest to you.


2. Mind/Thoughts/Intentions:


The mind's job is to keep learning from experiences and to set timeless and eternally valid intentions while staying unattached to an outcome. In our human landscape there are unlimited thought spaces that we can get lost in or caught up with, some are our own, some are others' thoughts. If you are interested in navigating your life efficiently and cleanly, in alignment with your own thought space and in a grounded way, while setting timeless and eternally valid intentions, the Path of Power Journey may be of interest to you.

3. Spirit/Energy/Light:


Spirit is a living energy that mediates between the mind and body. It is as unique as your fingerprints, footprints, your iris or your voice. It communicates via our awareness and makes sure we give expression to our pure energy from our love and inner truth in a way that is healthy for our bodies, healed for our minds, and brings joy, harmony and balance to ourselves, our daily actions, as well as to others. If you need to remember your spirit -or the quality of energy that animates your body, feelings and mind- or if you want to receive the current light codes from the Central Sun so you can evolve more consciously as a human being in this lifetime, the Light Code Activation may be of interest to you. 

4. Soul Space

Soul Space mediation is a sacred art and it requires an awareness about where my souls space begins and ends, and how to work with the energetic, physical, mental and emotional currents that are rising and falling within it at any given moment in time. If you want to become aware of and get to know your authentic soul space, and work with the mediation process of body, mind and spirit, Soul Space Deepening may be of interest to you.

9 months
120-minute sessions
monthly meetings

heal your self.

learn ceremonies.

live authentically.

9 months
60-minute sessions
bi-weekly meetings

transform your life.

set healed intentions.

practice impeccability.

9 months

30-minute sessions

weekly meetings

empower your soul.

deepen your awareness.

choose integrity.

9 months
60 minute sessions
bi-weekly meetings

embody your spirit.

download your codes.

beam your light.

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