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Shamanic Healing works on the level of the spirit or energy. Your spirit is unique to you. It is as unique as your fingerprints, footprints, your iris and your voice. It connects to your physical body via your heart, your spine and your nervous system, and creates a measurable electromagnetic field that runs through and around your physical body. This energy field is unlimited; however it can currently only be measured up to several feet around your physical body.


Your spirit energy stays connected to your physical body through your chakras (that run along your spine and skeletal system) and your meridian lines (that run along your fascia). It provides information to your physical body via those pathways. That information is interpreted by your heart as feelings, by your mind as insights and thoughts, and by your body as sensations. This information is subtle, yet it can be perceived... if you are able to discern your spirit's information from that of other spirits, bodies or energies.



Shamanic Healing clears any interferences in your energy field and allows for the original energetic blueprint of your spirit to be restored. This restoration, in turn, re-in-forms your body and sets in motion a process for cell renewal and rejuvenation that returns your body-mind to its original and healthy state, informed only by the energy of your spirit.


In this way, energy work goes to the root cause of any unhealthy pattern that you may be experiencing. These patterns may be behavioral, emotional, mental, physical or relational. They can manifest as a disease, repetitive thoughts or desires, or as an inability to form healthy relationships with people, animals or the natural world.


You do not have to wait for unhealthy patterns (behaviors, emotions, thoughts) to manifest in your life before Shamanic Healing is effective. If performed regularly, Shamanic Healing can serve a preventative function. Having regular checkups of your energy field and restoring it to its original blueprint can help remove interferences before they become physically, emotionally, relationally or mentally manifest. Furthermore, regular checkups can rejuvenate your body, restore balance in your self, and move you deeper onto your soul's path.


Regular energy work functions like flossing and brushing your teeth: it can prevent cavities and root canals from happening. However, if the equivalent of a cavity is present or root canal is needed in Shamanic Healing (meaning, if a tear or hole is present in your energy field, or an energy extraction is needed, respectively), we do have the tools to address these as well.

Shamanic Healing Sessions can include:

  • Sacred Space Creation

  • Space Cleansing

  • Setting Intentions

  • Energetic Hygiene

  • Working with your highly intuitive or sensitive child

  • Shamanic Journeying & Guided Meditation

  • Aura & Energy Field Cleansing

  • Aura & Energy Field Balancing

  • Chakra Illuminations & Balancing

  • Cutting Energetic Cords

  • Energy & Trauma Extractions

  • Energy & Soul Retrievals

  • Destiny Retrievals

  • Advanced Soul Retrievals

  • Advanced Destiny Retrievals

  • Shamanic Divination for Decision Making 

  • Learning Divination Techniques

  • iChing Readings

  • Ancestral Healings

  • Curse Removals

  • Remote Healings

  • Personalized Ceremonies

  • Personal Blessings

  • Activations & Initiations

  • Energy Transmissions

  • Dreamwork & Dream Interpretation

  • House Clearings & Spirit Removals (from houses, lands and spaces)

  • Death Rites & Life Transition Ceremonies (marriage, divorce, births, deaths, new jobs, new house etc.)

  • Surrogate Death Rites (for unexplained or unhealed deaths)

  • Transition of stuck souls (e.g. in houses, on public land or former battlefields)

  • Grief Healing Ceremonies

  • Land Healings and Activations (you must have stewardship of the land)

  • The Great Rites: Munay Ki (

  • The Rite of the Womb (

  • Conscious Dying (


The energy medicine techniques listed above are only a selection of those I have learned in my training. A combination of techniques or none of the techniques listed may be appropriate for the situation you are dealing with. You can read more about some of the healing methods listed above on my Blog.

Keep in mind

  • It can take up to two weeks for a healing to begin to unfold measurably in your body, mind, feelings, relationships and life. Therefore, booking sessions 2-4 weeks apart from one another can be helpful in supporting your learning, healing and growth.

  • If an unhealthy pattern is already manifesting in your life via behaviors, repetitive thoughts, emotions or in relationships, it can take up to three sessions to remove this pattern from your energy field.

  • If you have experienced a traumatic event, it is usually helpful to book a session as soon as possible after the event to remove the traumatic imprint from your energy field - before this imprint has a chance to manifest further. Afterward, you can assess whether supporting your healing process via therapy, counseling, or additional therapies are still needed, and whether additional Shamanic Healing sessions alongside those therapies support you in your learning, healing and growth.

  • The intention of energy work is to restore your spirit so that it can help you manifest a body, mind and life as a reflection of your spirit's original, healthy and healed energetic state. The intention of Shamanic Healing is not to become like someone else or to emulate anything other than who you are in your healthy and healed form. This may at times feel uncomfortable because your mind is learning to let go of any false notions of who you are, or who you (or others) may think your should be, or who you thought you were, or who you may have liked to be or become. Be gentle and kind with yourself and others in the healing process.


A Note on Permission


Sacred Space and explicit permission are needed for all energy work. Energy work without explicit permission is an abuse of power. Therefore, I will ask for any involved party to give explicit permission prior to beginning our work. If we do not receive permission, or if permission is granted upon conditions, I will let you know. 


I open Sacred Space prior to our session. However, I am happy to reopen it, if you like, at the beginning of our session while you are present. Please just let me know.


I will steadily offer what I sense is most effective, healthy and safe for you at the time of our work together. This may include referring you to other qualified professionals --or working alongside them-- when needed. 


It is always up to you to decide whether what I offer is helpful for you. The power of healing always lives within you. All a healer can do is to create a pristine and unique Sacred Space for you, as well as offer specific techniques and practices, that make healing more possible and more probable than you may be able to make available on your own.

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