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Creating Sacred Space is the fundamental steps prior to embarking on any spiritual practice or important project. There are many ways to create Sacred Space for various situations; however, a basic understanding of how Sacred Space is created and felt is fundamental for anyone desiring to live more consciously and authentically. Creating Sacred Space specifically for you and your life is the focus of these sessions. Once I open Sacred Space for you, I will remove any unwanted or intrusive energies from your personal space and your field, with your permission. I will also call into your space energetic and spiritual support for your life and the week or month ahead, and relay any pertinent information back to you that comes up as we create the Sacred Space together for you and as you learn about what it means to live and work in Sacred Space.

I recommend regular, ongoing Sessions (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) for Sacred Space Creation.


Soul Coaching is focused on helping you

  1. work and live with authenticity, impeccability, and integrity; 

  2. create a grounded and responsible life based in truth and love, and one that feels meaningful, worthwhile and purposeful to you; and

  3. develop gentle, harmonious and symbiotic relationships with nature and other life on Earth.


​During Soul Coaching session, I offer

  • guidance that is clear, pragmatic, whole-brained and open-hearted;

  • techniques to heal and transform aspects of yourself or patterns in your life; and 

  • practices to empower your soul to provide the answers you seek.


Weekly 60-minute Sessions are most helpful for Soul Coaching; however, they can also be done bi-weekly.


Shamanic Healing work on the level of the spirit and the human energy field, and goes to the root cause of a symptom or desire, and changes the energetic blueprint that creates the unwanted or wanted behavioral, emotional, mental, physical or relational manifestation in your life. Shamanic Healing sessions can help on many levels, including:

  • Physical: clear energetic imprints that could manifest physically in the future or supporting the healing process for chronic diseases.

  • Mental/Emotional: healing the feelings of depression, easing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, helping develop healthy responses to stress or negative thought patterns.

  • Relationships: healing personal or family patterns, helping to create and maintain healthy boundaries, easing relationship transitions, improving the connection to nature and the self.

  • Spiritual/Soul: healing not feeling like oneself, supporting the desire to become whole, finding meaning in life, searching for one’s soul purpose, or finding greater inner peace.


In a Shamanic Healing Session you will discuss a theme, pattern or issue you would like to heal, transform or empower. These can extend to personal, family, ancestral, cultural, collective themes, and include behavioral, mental, emotional, or physical patterns. If you prefer not to speak about the issue, pattern or theme, this is ok. As long as you can access and call forth the feeling associated with the desire or issue, we can work together.


Shamanic Healing techniques can include:

  • Aura Cleansing and Balancing

  • Chakra Cleansing and Illuminations

  • Cord Cutting

  • Energy Extractions

  • Soul or Energy Retrievals

  • Destiny Retrievals

Shamanic Healing sessions can be booked on an as-needed basis. I recommend 60 minutes per session, up to and not more than three sessions per issue or topic your are facing.


Executive Coaching is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, leaders and executives who intend to lead with integrity, authenticity and impeccability in these times. The who have a vision of a healed earth and healed humanity and intend to bring it to life during their lifetime. These sessions are highly customized. I help you navigate your options, open paths, and help you get inner clarity so you can make decisions and choices that are aligned with your vision and your authentic path. I open and hold space for you and remove any interferences from your field. I answer questions you may have and areas you'd like me to tune into for clarity. I help you stay on track and aligned with your spirit on your path, in your work and your life.


I recommend weekly 60-minute sessions for a minimum of 9 months for Executive Coaching.


Some individuals work intensely in dreamtime, yet are not sure what their dreams may mean, how to work with them, program them, deepen them, receive clearer guidance through them, or even just how to interpret and understand them. It is possible to program dreams, or even heal in dreamtime, and ask for specific guidance and solutions to come to you during dreamtime. We will work together to help you understand your dreams and the way your spirit speaks to you through dreamtime. You will learn how your subconscious and unconscious mind solve issues on your behalf in dreamtime, and how to tell the difference between all the layers of messages, symbols and metaphors your spirit utilizes in your dreams to get messages through. 


Expand and refine your interpretation skills, and begin to work with dreams ~if you desire~ at a deeper and refined level. Depending on your goals and intentions, we will begin to work together so that you can bring the wisdom, magic and power of dreamtime into your conscious experience.

I recommend keeping a dream journal or voice recorder by your bedside and beginning to record your dreams when you awaken. Weekly 60-minute sessions are helpful to begin to work more with dreamtime. Over time as you learn to navigate your own Dreamspace more eloquently and understand it more fully, these can be on an as-needed basis.


Basic energetic hygiene can help anyone, especially highly sensitive individuals, to function more easily and naturally in society. In these sessions you will learn how to:

  • Keep your energy field and chakras clean;

  • Open and close chakras when appropriate for the environment;

  • Set proper energetic boundaries;

  • Cleanse yourself from other people’s energies;

  • Protect and shield yourself from energies that are not yours; and

  • Safety transform your own unhealed energies without unloading them onto other.

I recommend monthly 60-minute sessions for a minimum of 3-6 months to begin to work with energetic hygiene.

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