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~ body ~ nature ~ actions ~

heal your self. learn ceremonies. live authentically.

Luminous Warriors often find themselves in trauma-inherent environments, either personally  (e.g., veterans, survivors, investigative journalists, human rights defenders, self defense and martial arts practitionersor through their work of supporting those who have (e.g., therapists, doctors, counselors, healers, instructors, teachers).

Luminous Warrior Trainees already bring a significant amount of physical stamina as well as resilience to the table and are seeking to amplify and augment their current toolbox with effective and safe --as well as energetically hygienic-- shamanic healing methods to access the power of healing for themselves.


Accessing these tools will enable Luminous Warrior Trainees to be present in life authentically, as well as from a healed and healthy state, free of triggers, re-traumatization and burnout. They will gain the skills needed to heal compassion fatigue or trauma-related issues that they may be experiencing or that naturally come up through their work and life on a daily basis.


The central questions for this Training include:

1. What are the patterns I am noticing in my life?

2. How can I step out of the Triangel of Disempowerment?

3. How do I heal myself?

3. Can I do what I do more healthily, more joyfully, or more nourishingly for myself and others?

The essential components of this Training include:

Teaching Segments


Daily Practices


The intention for Trainees is:

Self Empowerment

Self Healing

Enhanced Life Efficacy

Additional Gifts offered to Luminous Warrior Trainees:

Sacred Space Creation

Chakra Journey

Healing Touch Practice​

What to do after the Luminous Warrior Training:

Heal your self, practice your ceremonies, live authentically.

Post-Training Suggestions:

Learn Shamanic Journeying Online

Consider the Path of Power Journey

Book Soul Coaching as needed

9 months
120-minute sessions
monthly meetings

Holly & Sarah Carpe Diem

A  Personal Story

"When we know how to heal, we are no longer afraid to feel."


After my sister died in a car accident, I was diagnosed with PTSD, suffered from depression, developed cancerous cells and lost meaning in life. After a year of experiencing intense suicidal thoughts and daily flashbacks (despite having gone to psychiatrists and psychologists, following life coach advice, and reading every book I was able to find, yet experiencing no relief in symptoms), I received an “extraction” ~a Shamanic Healing method~ that can remove intrusive energies after one has experienced trauma.

After this single healing session, which lasted only 45 minutes, I never had a flashback again. This was back in 2007.

Shamanic Healing works differently for everyone, so it may or may not work for you. All I can say is that it was through my direct experience with Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine that I transformed my life. At the time, I did not believe in any of it, yet the effects were clear, real, felt, and undeniable.

After this experience of healing, naturally, I wanted to learn more. I continued with Shamanic Healing, ceremonies, energy medicine and brainwave development. I also utilized physical movement and self defense training for my anger and depression, which helped tremendously.


In less than 2 years, I healed my depression and all other dis-eases.

Through my journey, I now have a toolbox that I am able to access and utilize whenever life requires. I know that anything can be healed that comes up in life, and that I play a vital part in healing myself and in the creation of my experiences. To me, this way of being is where true power and empowerment live: in our self and in our own soul.

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