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  • ADOLF-REICHWEIN GYMNASIUM, GERMANY, Abitur (German high school diploma)

  • UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK, MD, USA, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology



  • BAY AREA WOMEN AGAINST RAPE, Certified Rape Crisis Counselor

  • THE FOUR WINDS SOCIETY, Certified Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine

  • KRAV MAGA DC, certified Krav Maga Brown Belt

  • KRAV MAGA WORLDWIDE, Certified Expert Krav Maga Instructor

  • FIT TO FIGHT REPUBLIC, Certified Fit-to-Fight Coach

  • FIT TO FIGHT REPUBLIC, Certified From-The-Ground-Up Coach


  • TOWERS PERRIN, Essential Facilitation Skills Training

  • TULSI HOLISTIC LIVING, Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils Training

  • ANNA WISE CENTER, Private Brainwave Development Intensive

  • THE FOUR WINDS SOCIETY, Advanced Shamanic Healing Training



  • TOM RIGLER, Crystal Training & Initiations


  • MUNAY-KI, Original Instructions & Advanced Transmissions Training


  • SCHOOL OF MEDICAL HERBALISM, Foundations of Medical Herbalism Training

  • LALI MA PRIVATE MENTORSHIP, Initiation into the Wisdom Teachings of the Essenes

  • DIAMOND AGE ESSENCES, Initiations & Training in Butterfly Spirit Essences

  • DIAMOND AGE ESSENCES, Initiations & Intensive Course in Mushroom Spirit Essences

  • UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, Online Intensive Course in Facing Human Wrongs


  • UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, Teaching Assistant in Organizational Psychology, Statistics & Criminal Justice

  • TOWERS PERRIN, Senior Change Management Consultant

  • BAY AREA WOMEN AGAINST RAPE, Certified Rape Crisis Counselor

  • KRAV MAGA DC, Certified Krav Maga Instructor

  • GLOBAL JOURNALIST SECURITY, Director & Senior Trainer for Personal Safety and Self Care

  • MINDFUL MEMORIAL DAY FOUNDATION, Honor Guardian for Arlington Cemetery

  • GREEN COMFORT SCHOOL OF MEDICAL HERBALISM, Apprentice for the Herbal Pharmacist program

  • LUMINOUS WARRIOR, CEO, Founder & Director

  • SARA SALAM (aka SARAH HAWK), Shamanic Healer, Guide & Coach

Sara's Birthday at the DC Center 2013
Self Defense Training LW Center
Sara Atlas Mountains
Sara's Mesa on grass of DC Mall
Sara Teaching Luminous Warriors
Sara Brown Belt Test
Raymond Wong & Sara after Brown Belt Test
James Hirosima & Sara Winter Krav Maga Camp
Blue Ridge Mountains Fire Ceremony
Sara holding an Amethyst Crystal
Sara Teaching Self Defense
Sara Punching
Sara Teaching Luminous Warrior
Sara giving a knee
Sara Knife Defense
Sara Illuminating Heart after Self Defense
Sara being interviewed at Meditation Center
Sara Teaching Path of Power
Soul Circle Community
Washington DC Self Defense Warm Up
Mesa Carrier Circle
Sara Salam & Frank Smyth
Global Journalist Security Training Farm
Jeff Jimmo, Sara Salam, James Hiromasa at Krav Maga Wintercamp
Community Circle Group Journey
Kelly Campbell & Sara after Krav Maga Blue Belt Test
Ryan Hoover & Jeff Jimmo Fit to Fight Certification
Sara looking out DC Mall
Sara's Brainwaves being measured by Anna Wise The Awakened Mind Retreat
Sara checking chakras with a pendulum
Sara Energy Healing
Sara Healing Touch
Sara with her Mesa in DC
Sara guiding a GJS student through a training exercise
Sara conducting an Earth Ceremony
Sara preparing to teach at the Land Celebration Retreat Center
Sara teaching teh Path of Power Medicine Wheel at her DC Center
Holly Arines & Sara in DC
Self Defense Students after a Krav Maga test
DC Self Defense and Healing Center
Luminous Warrior Students after their test
Self Defense students after testing
William Henry at the DC Center
Sara, William Henry & his wife at the DC Center
Sara & her instructors at the DC Arboretum
Sara at Fire Ceremony
Fre Ceremony
Fire Ceremony preperation
Mesas and Despacho Ceremony
Sara knife defense
Gun defense
Sara conducting Earth ceremony
knife defense
Women Warrior Training
Sara cinducting ceremony
Sara calling on Sacred Space
Alfredo Sfeir Younis & Sara
Sara on her way to Obama's 2009 Inauguration
Sara working with Chumpi Stones
Sara placing stones
Sara thanking the Atlas Mountain
Sara teaching instructors
Sara moving forward
Hummingbird Retreat Group
Sara teaching at Gallaudet University in Washington DC
Sara Self Defense Circle
Ancestor Fire in Yachtas 2011
Advanced Mesa Carrier Training Utah 2010
Sara calling in Sacred Space on the DC Mall
Sara teaching Women Warriors
Sara and Wake Wheeler Teaching
Sara Defense against two hands held
Sara horsing around with Christian after Blue Belt
Sara teaching knife defense
Member Potluck
Graduation 1997
Sabrina Gravestone
Sara Mesa
Kiki & Sarah in 2012
Arlington Ceremonies Oct 2016
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-10-19
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-10-19
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-11-23
Arlington Ceremonies Nov 2016
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-11-23
2016-10-26 14.35.29
Arlington Ceremonies Nov 2016
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-11-24
Arlington Ceremonies Dec 2016
Arlington Ceremonies Dec 2016
Arlington Ceremonies 2016-12-29
Arlington Ceremonies Dec 2016
Arlington Ceremonies Dec 2016
Arlington Ceremonies Spring Equinox 2017
Sara in the Mani 2018
Steimelhagen 2020

Expertise by Area


Sara graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Maryland with a major in psychology, earned an M.B.A. from Georgetown University, and spent nearly a decade as a senior change management consultant before beginning her entrepreneurial ventures. She has extensive professional global experience including working in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia.


As a change management consultant, Sara helped Fortune 500 companies navigate through large-scale changes. During that time, she has worked with organizations in the pharmaceutical, health care, financial services, manufacturing and consulting industries. She has supported large-scale change initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructurings and re-designs, business process redesigns, and HR strategy development, program design and implementation. She implemented complex change management and communications initiatives and facilitated leadership and executive teams to implement change.


Sara has also provided one-on-one strategic advice and trainings for executives, team leaders and individual clients on topics such as cultural awareness, sensitivity and diversity. She helped leaders role-model desired behavioral changes to affect change in employees. Sara has been an avid supporter of diversity and inclusivity issues, serving in Women's Shelters, as well as on the Board of the Black MBA Student Association and Students for Responsible Business at Georgetown University.


Sara has more than 30 years of athletic experience, including being a competitive athlete and a Division I Starter for the University of Maryland’s field hockey team. She has completed self defense programs such as IMPACT and RAD (Rape Aggression Defense). She is a Brown Belt in Krav Maga as well as a certified Expert-II Krav Maga instructor, certified by Krav Maga Worldwide. Sara is also a Fit-to-Fight Coach as well as a From-The-Ground-Up Coach, both certified by Ryan Hoover's Fit-To-Fight Republic. Her training included advanced self defense techniques against guns, knives, sticks and other weapons.


Sara taught Krav Maga to students from beginner to advanced levels for several years. In Washington DC, Sara pioneered an integrated approach to self defense training called Luminous Warrior that combines energy medicine and shamanic healing practices with practical self defense training. It addresses the entire continuum of self defense: from awareness, to avoidance, to self defense and self care. The tools she teaches help increase the mental, emotional and physical resilience and stamina of the students and instructors she serves.


Sara continues to coach self defense practitioners and  Krav Maga instructors. Her focus is on helping them refine their techniques, as well as bringing a palpable sense of realism to their training. She is passionate about helping instructors enhance their self defense instruction to ensure that their training does not causing (re-)traumatization. Sara also is passionate about helping instructors design self defense programs specifically tailored for survivors in order to heal their trauma. Sara's programs and curricula integrate practical tools for trauma-free training as well as self healing, without lessening the intensity and efficacy of self defense training itself.


Sara’s experience in trauma healing and crisis management is multi-faceted. She has been working with therapists, counselors, healers and caretakers in trauma centers and nonprofit organizations since 2005. She also offers healing, transformation and self empowerment directly to survivors as well as their families.


Ss a California-State certified rape crisis counselor in the Bay Area --the first rape crisis center founded in the United States-- Sara advocated for and supported survivors directly as part of the Sexual Assault Response Team, on hotlines and in counselling sessions, as well as by supporting survivors in court proceedings and during hospital visits post-attack. She also provided survivor support and advocacy by coordinating with --and providing training and educating for-- Special Victims Units of the police, healthcare personnel in hospitals, as well as the local community in general.

A few years later, Sara focused on bringing trauma healing to the warrior and veteran communities in the DC area. She conducted nearly 900 Moments-Of-Mindful-Gratitude Ceremonies for the post-9/11 fallen service members. She was subsequently named Honor Guardian for Arlington Cemetery by the Mindful Memorial Foundation for her work to support Gold Star Families and their fallen service members.


Starting in 2012, Sara also began to serve as a Senior Trainer for Personal Safety and Emotional Self Care for Global Journalist Security (GJS). During her time with GJS, Sara helps activists, journalists, human rights defenders, aid workers and numerous individuals from NGOs to prepare for their travel to war zones and hostile environments. She also helps these individuals heal any potential trauma they may have experienced after returning from such deployments.


Sara spent nearly six years studying energy medicine. She earned a certification as Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society, one of the leading training institutions for Energy Medicine in the world. She also completed private brainwave development training with Anna Wise, author of the book, Awakening The Mind. The purpose of the training was to ensure that the Shamanic Journeying and meditation techniques she learned in her long years of study are measurably and consistently producing specific changes in brainwave activity, thereby accessing the parts of the brain that are appropriate for the healing at hand.

Sara also completed the Level I and Level II training of the Healing Touch Association. She is trained to work with therapeutic-grade essential oils, butterfly and mushroom essences, and crystals. Her advanced training in Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine encompassed techniques such as Advanced Soul Retrieval, Advanced Destiny Retrieval and Advanced Shamanic Tracking techniques. In 2020, Sara received initiations into deeper workings with animal spirits, the Wisdom Teachings of the Essenes, as well as the Angelic and Archangelic realms.


Since 2007 Sara has offered her services as a Shamanic Healer, Guide and Coach. She offers private workshops, retreats, mentoring, coaching and healing services and she continuously trains in advanced healing modalities to hone and refine her skills and practice.

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