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Sara is a trusted advisor, powerful change agent, inspirational teacher, gifted healer and compassionate soul coach. Her approach to guiding others toward their own healing is grounded, balanced, healthy and safe, and includes the mind, body and spirit dimensions of an individual.


Sara's intention is to offer each soul pragmatic and practical ways to express their natural gifts and talents authentically, impeccably and with integrity in life. She helps individuals get into alignment about where the soul meets the practical, how energy manifests in the physical, and what healthy and healed possibilities are available for an individual or group at any given moment in time. Sara helps individuals remove barriers for moving forward and she supports them with gaining greater clarity and efficacy about navigating their own lives.

As a skilled facilitator, certified crisis counselor and qualified healing expert, Sara brings a whole-brained, experience-based, substance-free and safe approach to Shamanic Healing in our current time. She opens paths to physical wellbeing, emotional resilience and mental stamina that are needed to navigate life on a day-to-day basis. To learn more about Sara's background, education and qualifications, please click here.

Sara has been featured on Blogtalk Radio, Active Life DC, Unleash Your Voice, Galtime, Transformation 365 and World Unity Week. She is a Luminary with Sacred Stories Media where she offers an online course in Shamanic Journeying as well as individual guided meditations. She also authored two ebooks and has written several articles, ranging from self defense and risk reduction to Shamanic Healing, energy medicine and intuition. Her presence is deep, her knowledge is well rounded, and her experiences are far reaching.


Sara is passionate about improving the lives of those who have a sincere desire to heal themselves. Over the years she has supported many individuals and organizations, including government workers, team leaders, executive teams, massage therapists, clinical psychologists, herbalists, counselors, chiropractors, social workers, human rights defenders, investigative journalists, police officers, veterans, secret service agents, artists, musicians, self defense instructors, martial arts students, single parents, couples, teachers, ministers, film producers, writers, novelists, security specialists, families, acupuncturists, and more. To read about the experiences others have had working with Sara's, please go to the Endorsements.


Sara is a native speaker of both English and German. When Sara is not coaching, strengthening, supporting or guiding others, she enjoys laughing, dancing, singing, spending time in nature, meditating, going for walks, being uplifted through music and children's books, deepening into her own soul space, and connecting to her soul family all over the world.

Sara Atlas Mountains
Sara's Mesa on grass of DC Mall
Sara Teaching Luminous Warriors
Blue Ridge Mountains Fire Ceremony
Sara holding an Amethyst Crystal
Sara Punching
Sara giving a knee
Sara Illuminating Heart after Self Defense
Sara Teaching Path of Power
Soul Circle Community
Mesa Carrier Circle
Community Circle Group Journey
Sara looking out DC Mall
Sara's Brainwaves being measured by Anna Wise The Awakened Mind Retreat
Sara checking chakras with a pendulum
Sara Energy Healing
Sara Healing Touch
Sara with her Mesa in DC
Sara guiding a GJS student through a training exercise
Sara conducting an Earth Ceremony
Sara teaching teh Path of Power Medicine Wheel at her DC Center
Holly Arines & Sara in DC
Sara & her instructors at the DC Arboretum
Sara at Fire Ceremony
Fre Ceremony
Fire Ceremony preperation
Mesas and Despacho Ceremony
Sara conducting Earth ceremony
Women Warrior Training
Sara cinducting ceremony
Sara calling on Sacred Space
Sara working with Chumpi Stones
Sara placing stones
Sara thanking the Atlas Mountain
Sara moving forward
Hummingbird Retreat Group
Ancestor Fire in Yachtas 2011
Advanced Mesa Carrier Training Utah 2010
Sara calling in Sacred Space on the DC Mall
Sara Mesa

Sara is a wonderful and wise guide for our sacred journey, not only for those individuals and organizations who work with her, but for our planet and collective evolution at this time.

Abby Robinson

Founder, Frameworks International Consulting

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"My focus is on living what I teach and for me to be an expression of my healthy, healed and joyful soul in all aspects of my life, while contributing to a vibrant earth at the same time.


The wisdom, tools and techniques I pass on to others come from my training as well as my personal experiences. However, I am aware that the tools that worked for me may not necessarily help another soul. I am also aware that some of the tools that do not work for me, may actually help another person. I also realize that learning something for my personal healing and growth does not automatically mean that I can pass it on to another soul. In order to pass on tools or techniques, I must have tried them out on my own and gained the wisdom behind the teachings, as well as have received the proper training to pass them safely on to others.

Knowing my expertise, gifts and strengths is as essential to serving others with authenticity, integrity and impeccability, as is being aware of my limits. Therefore, I refer individuals and groups to other experts whenever and wherever it is healthy, safe and helpful to do so for all involved.

The soul's journey is ever ongoing. To be a soul in our healthy, healed and naturally vibrant state requires steady awareness and daily work. It is an honor to support you in your learning, healing and growth as I tend to mine at the same time." ~Sara

HOM: Sara Salam | Shamanic Healer
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